2015 Theological Symposium

by the Theological Commission


As members of the Commission of the Theological Integrity, we want to periodically remind followers of this blog of the many opportunities you have to be engaged with the theological dialogue in our movement. While this participation can happen in numerous venues, we are always especially delighted to have people attend and even present at our annual Theological Symposium.

This year’s meeting will be held on the campus of Hillsdale FWB College in Moore, Oklahoma, on October 26-27. Our theme is “The Theology of Discipleship.” While some details are still being settled for this event, we want to invite your questions and paper proposals to be submitted even as early as now in anticipation of this year’s program. You may send your inquiries to fwbtheology@gmail.com

Each year we always have new presenters on the program, so we want to especially encourage those who are interested to consider if this may be the year to turn your interest into a presentation proposal. Maybe simply attending will be sufficient to satisfy your interest and stimulate your thinking. But ultimately we pray God will use such events to help us demonstrate theological integrity throughout the life of Christ’s church.

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