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Hawkins to Address the Challenge of Genetics

by Theological Commission

On Monday afternoon of the 2019 National Convention in Cincinnati, the Commission for Theological Integrity has invited Dr. Ian Hawkins to address an emerging scientific challenge. The title of his seminar is: Genes Made Me Do it! The Implications of the Genetic Revolution for Adam and Eve, Original Sin, and Free Will.

In the past 15 years the historicity of Adam and Eve has come under fire in academic circles. This new debate has been caused by recent work in genetics that has called into question whether the human race could have come from only two individuals. Not only does the idea of a non-historical Adam and Eve call into question doctrines such as creation, but it has a profound effect on doctrines like original sin and free will. This seminar will discuss recent objections to these findings, as well as how science can be used to support a historical Adam and Eve, original sin, and free will.

Hawkins has taught at Welch College since 2007, where is he is Chairman of the Department of Arts and Sciences, and Science Program Coordinator. He has a master’s degree in molecular biology from Vanderbilt University, and a Ph.D. in Chemistry Education from Middle Tennessee State University. Hawkins is married to Katie (Stewart). They have two sons: Joseph and Luke.

Note: The Commission’s annual seminar is always held at 2:00pm on Monday. It is an hour and a half given the substantial nature of the topics, and also to allow extensive audience response and questions afterward. Check your programs once arriving at the Convention for the exact room location of the seminar.


News from the 2016 Convention

by Theological Commission

Recently the Commission for Theological Integrity was pleased to be a part of the 2016 FWB National Association meeting in Kansas City, Missouri. This was the 80th meeting of the National Association, and the first time the Convention had met in Kansas City since 2004.  Below are just a few of the highlights from the Commission’s ministry to our Free Will Baptist people.

  • The Commission released the sixth edition of Integrity: A Journal of Christian Thought. Complimentary copies are mailed to all ordained pastors serving in the denomination, though pastors who attended the Convention were able to begin picking up their copies there. Additional copies of the journal can be requested for $7 (includes s&h) by emailing mattpinson@welch.edu. Readers will find this edition shorter than previous ones, though this has been done in the hopes of producing the journal more frequently in the future. The journal consists of four substantial essays and eight book reviews.
  • The Commission sponsored its annual Theological Trends seminar. This year Welch College professor and registrar Matthew Bracey gave a presentation entitled, “Legal and Religious Liberty Implications of the Supreme Court Decision on Same-Sex Marriage.” Bracey put the court decision in its proper social and legal context, then discussed the theological, legal, and practical aspects of religious liberty. He also offered some insight into what a faithful response by the church might look like in our current cultural moment.
  • During the Commission report on Wednesday morning, Chairman Matt Pinson recognized Mr. Leroy Forlines for his 50+ years of service to the Theological Commission, as well as his service to the denomination as a whole. Jackson Watts and Matthew Bracey presented Forlines with a recently-completed festschrift entitled The Promise of Arminian Theology: Essays in Honor of F. Leroy Forlines (Randall House Academic).
  • The Commission announced its 2016 Symposium, to be held on the campus of Welch College in Nashville on October 24-25. The theme of the Symposium will be “The Theological Legacy of F. Leroy Forlines.” The event, aptly, will take place only weeks prior to Forlines’ 90th birthday. The program will feature a range of presentations that deal with aspects of Forlines’ thought, as well as a panel discussion. Paper proposals and submissions may be sent to fwbtheology@gmail.com. The deadline for receiving proposals or submissions will be August 15th.
  • Finally, W. Jackson Watts was re-elected to a second term on the Commission to expire in 2021.

In the months ahead, we hope you will continue following the Commission’s work here at fwbtheology.com, and follow us on Twitter @fwbtheology

Symposium Notes

by the Theological Commission

Last Tuesday the Commission for Theological Integrity shared some initial reports from our successful 2014 Symposium. Presentations were well-received, the evangelistic zeal of attendees was encouraged, and a lively panel discussion were part of this year’s program. This week we follow with two exciting announcements. You can listen to the panel discussion here .

First, we are pleased to now make the 2014 collection of presentations available in digital format, available for download at the discounted rate of $10. For those wanting a sample of what they missed by not attending this year’s event, readers may download and listen to the panel discussion featuring Mark Coppenger, Clint Morgan, Rodney Holloman, and Barry Raper.

Second, the Commission is also excited about their 2015 events, which will include their annual Theological Trends seminar at the National Convention in Grand Rapids. The title of the seminar will be “Discipleship in Biblical, Theological, and Pastoral Perspective.” More information will be provided soon concerning this important event, including the guest speakers.

Our other event that we want to inform readers about is our 2015 Symposium, which will be held on the campus of Hillsdale FWB College in Moore, Oklahoma. The 2015 theme will be “The Theology of Discipleship.” As readers can see, the theme connects both of our main events next year, and we hope that in turn they will complement each another. Just as evangelism is critical to the church’s ministry, so is discipleship. Because discipleship is charged with theological significance, we felt that this should be given the same level of attention that evangelism is.

We invite your questions and paper submissions for next year’s event. Papers can begin being submitted as of March 1 to fwbtheology@gmail.com. We look forward to hearing from you.

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