Convention Seminar Set

by Theological Commission

This summer the Commission for Theological Integrity will sponsor an annual Convention seminar, a session it has been holding for decades. The title of the seminar will be, “Men’s and Women’s Roles in the Home and Church.” The seminar will be structured as five brief presentations by each Commissioner on different aspects of the subject, followed by a panel discussion. As traditionally held, this session will be Monday afternoon from 2:00-3:30. Attendees should observe that this session is slightly longer than other seminars, so we encourage everyone to make plans to stay for the duration. 

The question of men and women in both the church and home has been a contentious one among some evangelical denominations. Our Commission’s aim is to bring some biblical and theological clarity to this issue as we discuss biblical texts, historical insights, cultural confusion, and more. We look forward to discussing this topic with everyone this July in Birmingham.






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