Deus in Machina: Reading (and Studying) the Old, Old Story on your Tablet

(Part 2 of 2)

by Kevin Hester

Last week I shared with you the first part of Mr. Allan Crowson’s “Some Thoughts on Scripture Study Software.” In the first part of his article he helped us to see the basic lay of the land as it relates to digital Bible study tools. He outlined what such software could do and what sorts of sources were available for free and for purchase. He also discussed the various platforms that run such programs and the benefits (and pitfalls) of each.

This week we will look at the last half of Mr. Crowson’s article where he lists some of his current favorites in all of these areas and offers some helpful hints on how to choose the best fit for you. I really appreciate his candor and his perspective. As he tells his students, free things can be valuable but “don’t you want your surgeon working with the best tools available?” As I have talked with him and learned from him on this topic I have discovered that building a digital library is much like building a physical library. Need and functionality are incredibly important but all the best tools cannot replace a heart committed to Biblical study. Tools are only good when they are used.

You may wonder why the Commission for Theological Integrity sees such articles as important. There is no greater threat to orthodoxy than Biblical ignorance. There is no greater source of heresy than poor and misguided Biblical study. Serious Biblical studies and its tools will lead us closer to the God who reveals Himself in His word whether the word is on stone, paper, or screen.


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