Revisiting the Commission’s Convention Seminar

Theological Commission

Two Mondays ago, the members of the Commission for Theological Integrity shared a series of short presentations during our annual Convention seminar. These presentations were collectively titled, “Men’s and Women’s Roles in the Church and Home.”

We had intended to have a lengthier discussion time at the end of these five presentations, but our time ran a bit longer, resulting in a rather short panel. We apologize to attendees for us not being able to extend this beyond the allotted time.

However, there’s no need to end the conversation on this valuable subject. We were encouraged to see such interest in this subject in Birmingham, as indicated by the standing room only crowd who attended. Nevertheless, we realize that many may not have been able to stay for the duration of the session, while others had commitments during that block of time, and still others were unable to attend the Convention altogether.

For these reasons, we will be posting the Commission members’ presentations on our blog over the next few weeks, starting with Rev. Rodney Holloman’s presentation next week.

We hope that being able to read these presentations carefully and consider the arguments will bring more light to what is sometimes a misunderstood or contested topic.

Note: Since these presentations were intended to be oral presentations or talks and were not prepared for print publication, some of the normal stylistic conventions of written material will be absent. Additionally, we are publishing the longer version of a few of the presentations since final edits required us to trim material to fit our allotted timeslot.

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