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Free Will Baptist Theology and ETS mp3s

As a follow up to an earlier post describing the relationship of Free Will Baptist scholars and theologians with the Evangelical Theological Society, we offer the following presentations from the 2015 conference. All of the recordings are available here.

Matt Pinson (President of Welch College; Commission Chairman) – “Reformed Arminianism: A Non-Wesleyan Appropriation of the Legacy of Arminius.””

Matthew McAffee (Professor and Campus Pastor at Welch College): “Biblical King Og and the Ugaritic Deity Rāpiʾu: Sorting Out Two Figures in Light of the Rephaim and the Toponyms Ashtaroth and Edrei.”

Jesse Owens (Pastor; PhD Student at Southern Seminary) – “Scripture and History in the Theology of John Goodwin.”

Jackson Watts (Pastor; Commission member); “The Gospel of Singleness.”

Favorite Books in 2015

by Theological Commission

It is the time of year when many readers are finishing up their last minute Christmas shopping. But by now, many who read blogs will also be seeing “Top Books” lists of many shapes and sizes. Sometimes these can be difficult to wade through as they point to a seemingly endless supply of Christian books that most of us know we’ll simply never have time to read. On the other hand, reading multiple lists such as these can be helpful since key books will no doubt surface on more than one list, making them easier to identify them as books worth one’s time.

Members of the Theological Commission sympathize with the challenges Christians face in selecting good books, and so we have offered our own effort toward helping our readers make good selections as they move forward into 2016 (this will be our final regular post of the year).

Below are list of books that we have enjoyed reading this year, ones which were intellectually stimulating for any number of reasons. Each Commission member has identified one specific favorite, along with two Honorable Mentions. We would only further offer one caveat, which is that our enjoyment/recommendation of any book is not to be taken as a blanket endorsement of the entirety of any book’s argument. We hope that the work of the Commission through the years has helped equip our readers to discern theological arguments and trends that are sometimes contrary to historic faith and practice of Free Will Baptists, and the larger Christian tradition.

With this said, we offer these recommendations and we also say ‘Merry Christmas’ and a ‘Happy New Year’! Continue reading Favorite Books in 2015