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Free Will Baptists and ETS

by Theological Commission

The relationship between Free Will Baptists and the evangelical academy is an interesting one to consider. Though space does not permit such an exploration here, theologians and Bible scholars like Robert Picirilli and Leroy Forlines have made profound contributions to our body of scholarly literature that lends a credible voice to the Free Will Baptist community in mainstream evangelical scholarship. Thus, recent years have shown an increased presence of Free Will Baptist scholars in scholarly journals and events. Among these is the Evangelical Theological Society, as well as its quarterly journal.

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2015 Theological Symposium, Video, and Social Media – Day 2

Kevin Hester – Trinitarian Preaching: On the Father, In the Son, and Through the Holy Spirit

Dr. Hester’s paper was recently published in the Journal for Baptist Theology and Ministry

Jackson Watts – Singleness as Discipleship

Matthew Bracey – Discipleship in a Changing Legal Landscape

Gregory Hollifield – Pericope by Pericope: Transforming Disciples into Christ’s Likeness through the Theological Interpretation of Scripture


Matt Pinson – The Legacy of the Seventeenth-Century General Baptists



Robert Picirilli – Toward a Theology of Divine Providence

Toward a Non-Deterministic Theology of Divine Providence by Robert E. Picirilli


Another article An Arminian Response To John Sanders’s The God Who Risks: A Theology Of Providence