2015 Theological Symposium, Video, and Social Media – Day 2

Kevin Hester – Trinitarian Preaching: On the Father, In the Son, and Through the Holy Spirit

Dr. Hester’s paper was recently published in the Journal for Baptist Theology and Ministry

Jackson Watts – Singleness as Discipleship

Matthew Bracey – Discipleship in a Changing Legal Landscape

Gregory Hollifield – Pericope by Pericope: Transforming Disciples into Christ’s Likeness through the Theological Interpretation of Scripture


Matt Pinson – The Legacy of the Seventeenth-Century General Baptists



Robert Picirilli – Toward a Theology of Divine Providence

Toward a Non-Deterministic Theology of Divine Providence by Robert E. Picirilli


Another article An Arminian Response To John Sanders’s The God Who Risks: A Theology Of Providence







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      Next year, we hope to have a more permanent solution.

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