Happy Memorial Day

by Theological Commission

While the Memorial Day weekend has now officially passed for most, the Theological Commission would like to acknowledge this valuable civic holiday, and the important reflections and sentiments it is designed to provoke.

As Christians, we recognize that our most significant freedom–freedom from sin, the law, death, and hell–was purchased at calvary through the shed blood of Jesus. We stand in constant awareness and awe of this reality. Yet we always recognize that we live out our heavenly citizenship on this earth. As Romans 13 and other passages remind us, God has instituted the state or government as means of preserving peace, order, and justice in the world. While we know this institution imperfectly accomplishes these ends, we know it still has this responsibility to fulfill.

As an extension of the state’s work, we know that the armed services are a part of the state wields the sword in order to protect and preserve that which is most cherished and essential for human flourishing.

So in these days, we say thank you to those who have served admirably, and we lift our ultimate thanksgiving to the only wise King from whom all blessings flow, including freedom.

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