Thanksgiving Message

by the Commission for Theological Integrity

This week is a special week for perhaps all of us as we travel or welcome in travelers, prepare our favorite dishes, and  consider God’s many blessings on us and our families. We know this holiday as ‘Thanksgiving.’ Though Thanksgiving is a civil holiday–that is, it is nationally recognized and tied to an earthly nation’s history–it is certainly a holiday which calls to mind many Christian themes which we as believers would want to reflect in our lives. Among these themes is that of gratitude.

Gratitude certainly seems to be the spiritual attitude that the apostles were trying to engender when so often in their writings we find the command, “Give thanks.” Those who walk in the Spirit are able to give thanks because they are persuaded about the blessings of God in salvation, including their ongoing sanctification. Yet they also recognize the material blessings which are enjoyed are graces from God as well.

So as we all unplug this week and spend time with family and friends, the Theological Commission wishes to simply offer a “Happy Thanksgiving” to all of our website’s readers. We will resume our normal Tuesday post next week.

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