Commission Chairman Featured on YouTube Channel

by Theological Commission

For the second time in the past six months, Dr. Matt Pinson, Chairman of the Commission for Theological Integrity, was a guest on the increasingly popular YouTube program hosted by Nicholas Noyola. Noyola is a young Southern Baptist minister and seminarian who interviews biblical scholars, theologians, and church leaders on a range of subjects.

His recent interview with Pinson was on the theology and apologetics of Leroy Forlines, long-time Commission Chairman. The interview can be found here. The earlier interview with Pinson on Reformed Arminianism has been, by far, the most watched interview of the 70+ interviews featured on Noyola’s growing channel.

Additionally, long-time Free Will Baptist biblical scholar Robert Picirilli has also been interviewed in relation to his book Free Will Revisited.

We’re thankful for the growing hearing Free Will Baptist understandings of Scripture are receiving in the evangelical world.

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