Free Will Baptist Author is Finalist for Christianity Today Book Award

From the Editors

It’s always notable whenever God uses a Free Will Baptist to serve the wider Christianity community. Robert Picirilli has done this on more than one occasion through his many books, perhaps most notably Paul the Apostle (Moody), Grace, Faith, and Free Will (Randall House), and Free Will Revisited (Wipf and Stock). Such titles have reached a wider audience, while Picirilli has still primarily sought to serve as a teacher to Free Will Baptists through his writing. 

However, his 2022 publication, God in Eternity and Time: A New Case for Human Freedom (B&H Academic), has perhaps garnered as much attention as any of his earlier publications. Certainly, this is true in the short run. Christianity Today has recognized Picirilli’s book in its complete list of 2023 book award winners. It was one of two finalists for the award for best academic theology book, just behind the top title and the winner of the Award of Merit. Readers can see an earlier post on this site to read some of Dr. Kevin Hester’s reflections on the book. 

Readers should appreciate the recognition of this title in view of the hundreds of titles published in this category in 2022. Moreover, given the dominance of Calvinistic authors in the conservative evangelical landscape, this encouraging development is a reminder of the need for Free Will Baptist voices in the most important conversations Christians are having. 


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